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To begin with, American Translation Partners, Inc. (ATP) is a “Small Business” in accordance with the Government’s SBA and is registered with the Defense Logistics Agency and the Central Contractors Registration (CCR). Conjointly, these two entities are now referred to by the government as System for Award Management (SAM). ATP’s DUNS number is 070430025. Furthermore, ATP is certified as Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE & WBE) by Supplier Diversity Office (SDO), formerly: SOMWBA (State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance), of Massachusetts. Our Small, Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise ( SMWBE) government certification is valid until 6/28/2021.

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In order to provide accurate figures and Get A Quote, we typically have a few questions regarding your requirements. If you could take a moment to call toll free in the US @ 1.888.443.2376, outside of the USA @ 1.508.823.8892 or email us , we will be able to respond to your request quickly. Our quotes are free and typically provided within a day of our request if not sooner.

Government Services

compliance - law

We provide services to government agencies in several capacities. ATP facilitates verbal communications and written translations between non-English parties and government agencies in more than 150 languages. To summarize, our areas of expertise include law enforcement, public safety, health & human services, energy, environmental, agricultural, food & drug, educational, transportation, military and a variety of other sectors. Whether you are cross-examining a non-English speaking witness in a federal grand jury or providing Title VI required translations for a community impacted by an EPA designated Supersite full of PCBs; you can count on us. For instance, Attorneys, Federal Courts, District Courts, Law Enforcement Officers, Consular Offices, and International Dignitaries rely on ATP for accurate and professional interpretation and translation services in any language.

Government Projects

During the last two decades, ATP has worked on numerous types of government-related projects. For example, below is a list of the types of projects we are proficient in handling for government professionals:

  • Certified, Notarized, and Apostille of Document Translations
  • State Court Certified Interpreters
  • Federal Court Certified Interpreters
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Conference Equipment and Sound Engineers
  • Escort & Whisper Interpretation
  • Proffers
  • Pre Trial Hearings
  • Grand Jury Investigations
  • Administrative Hearings and Appeals
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Arraignments
  • Depositions: Civil and Criminal
  • Jury Trials
  • Arbitration & Settlements
  • Court Proceedings
  • Examinations Under Oath (EUO)
  • Recorded & Written Statements
  • Independent & Impartial Medical Examinations
  • Telephone Conference and Video TeleConference (VTC)
  • Multilingual Forensic Audio and Video Transcriptions & Translations
  • Linguistics Expert Witnesses
  • Research of foreign texts
  • Site Translation
  • Military Training Exercises
  • Linguistic Support Services
  • Field Visitation & Excursions with Foreign Delegates or within Foreign Countries

Government Interpretation

Interpretations are a legal requirement during a multiplicity of government proceedings. As an example, there are laws in place to assure that the Non-English (LEP = limited English proficient) speaking party comprehends all communications. Because of the TITLE VI OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, language access became a government responsibility. As a result, foreign language interpretation for LEPs is a legal obligation by which most all government agencies must abide.

Types of Government Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is a repetition of the verbatim, inclusive of intonations and emphasis, immediately after the completion of a phrase or a couple of sentences. This mode of interpretation is the most common and popular type of interpretation used today.

Select language. Learning, translate languages or audio guide concept. Audio input output control panel with flags and plug.Simultaneous Interpreting is also a verbatim repetition of all communications, but the transmission of the multilingual content is repeated concurrently, within a fraction of second after a segment of a sentence or phrase. We also provide Simultaneous Conference Interpreting equipment, qualified sound engineers and project managers for on-site support.

Similar to Simultaneous, Escort interpreters utilize a combination of the simultaneous and consecutive modes of interpretation to relay the message within seconds of the speaker’s words or after a “paragraph” of ideas. In contrast to Simultaneous, Escort interpretation does not require electronic equipment; they speak directly to an individual listener. Furthermore, Escort Interpretation mode is used primarily when one or two individuals in a group speak a different language from the rest. This mode of interpretation is best for informal conversations.

Interpreter Qualifications

ATP’s Interpreters are not only experts in the techniques of Interpreting in various proceedings; they are also sensitive to the confidentiality and impartiality of the information they are transmitting. Additionally, they are aware of the cultural pitfalls of conducting business in their native foreign languages. Most importantly, all of ATP’s Interpreters are screened and evaluated for their bilingual skills and their knowledge of the appropriate protocol, as well as their practice and commitment to the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics & Conduct. In particular, there are three main characteristics qualify our Interpreters for governmental affairs – Impartiality, Confidentiality, and Accuracy. Our network of Interpreters has collectively worked on hundreds of thousands of multilingual proceedings in venues throughout North America and also overseas. Moreover, through our international network of approximately 5,000 supplementary team members and affiliates, ATP is able to provide Interpreters in any location around the world.

ATP routinely provides Accredited and Certified State & Federal Court Interpreters, in addition to Certified ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters for United States Federal and State Courts’ Proceedings, Depositions, International Conferences and various other types of engagements.

Government Translation

A combination of personalized attention and a meticulous review process, with several linguists for each document translation, ensure that you receive accurate translations. Every document we translate is GUARANTEED against Errors & Omissions and can be certified and/or notarized for acceptance by any court or government agency. Below is a sample list of texts we regularly translate:legal compliance

  • Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificates
  • Personal Letters
  • Diplomas & Degrees
  • Surveys & Questionnaires
  • Administrative Manuals, User Guides, & Training Handbooks
  • Transcripts & Legal Documents
  • Patents
  • Tests & Reports
  • Translation and Typesetting of Business Cards
  • Cataloging for International Document Discovery
  • Research of Foreign Texts

American Translation Partners utilizes a combination of experienced in-house staff and an international network of linguistic professionals. Translation teams generally consist of technical and creative individuals (bilingual attorneys, engineers, bankers, scholars and members of the diplomatic community) that work in unison to produce well-written translations. There are several members on any given Translation Project, including cultural researchers, certified and accredited native translators, typesetters, copy editors, proofreaders and project managers.

Multi-Lingual Forensic Audio Transcription & Translations

We are a professional solution for all of your multi-lingual forensic audio transcription & translation services. Let us transcribe your recording in any language or dialect, including English, and then provide a certified and/or notarized translation in the specified format you require.

scales of justiceIn addition to specializing in Evidentiary Recordings (Body Microphone Recordings, Telephone Taps & Surveillance) and Preliminary Review of Audio & Video Recordings in Discovery; we also provide language support for Statements & Reports, Sworn Statements & Examinations under Oath, Depositions & Hearings, Summons & Complaint, Medical Records and Focus Groups.

We provide expeditious service at competitive rates. As a result, the United States Attorneys, USDC, DEA, FBI, Federal Judges, Insurance Claims Adjusters, Investigators, and Independent Medical Examiners all rely on us regularly for audio transcription & translation services.

Transcription & Translation Process

In brief, the process is meticulous and systematically organized for quality control evaluation and establishing the highest pedigree of deliverables.

Firstly, send us the audio to be transcribed. Courier, mail or bring your material to our office and a Project Manager will assist you. Secondly, we will evaluate your material(s) and provide an estimate based upon the language pairs involved, recording length; the number of identifiable and unidentifiable speakers; the percentage of the dead audio time, complexity of terminology used, sound quality of the recording(s), formatting and output requirements.

Once we get your approval to commence, we start transcribing and translating audio recordings. Then, the Language Specialists work on a team and combine their cultural background, research capabilities, and writing skills to produce only the highest quality transcriptions and translations. Keep in mind, providing us with any reference materials will help. For example, case background details, the field of subject matter, and/or Report of Investigation – all of these assist tremendously in the linguistic process.

After the entire process, the certified transcription & translation will then be formatted and typeset. Together with the certified transcription & translation, we will add notarization and Apostille upon request. Later, the hard copy is scanned and delivered in you as an Adobe PDF, Finally, preferred mail carrier FedEx, US Postal Express Mail or courier.

Insurance and Confidentiality

ATP is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London Insurance for Errors and Omissions (E&O). And, as for your concerns about confidentiality, we have a strict policy that each language specialist must sign and abide by the terms of our Non-Disclosure Agreement before working on any project.

city viewFurthermore, for governmental and legal requirements, ATP does a thorough background check on each and every Interpreter and Translator that requires a security clearance. The background check includes the following: ID verification; Personal reference checks; Social Security Number Report; Educational Confirmation; Resident and Credit Report; Workers Compensation; Criminal Verification; Motor Vehicle Report; Employment Verification. All of this is coupled with other screenings such as: OFAC; LEIE; EPLS; SORI; SMART; CORI; handwriting analysis; HIPAA Awareness Course; Code of Ethics Seminar; Bloodborne Pathogens Seminar; Research Business complaints, liens, and trade references; Request Certificates of Insurance (COI) and confirm with underwriter; social networking review; Professional certifications and licenses Verification; IQ tests, and even Observational tests as necessary.

Special Services

It goes without saying, ATP is responsive to the need for assistance in urgent matters and consequently offers Last-Minute Requests, Rush Services, and 24-Hour Emergency Support. All of the above mentioned services will be charged at additional percentages above standard rates, if applicable. Additionally, we offer other Special Services include Call Confirmations & Language Verification, Site Translations, and also Discounted Volume Rates for repetitive services.

Greater Boston Federal Executive Board (GBFEB)

Government Discounts

Governmental Discounts are available to all members of the Greater Boston Federal Executive Board (GBFEB). They will receive a 5% discount for interpretation and translation services in any language. The United States Federal Courts, FBI, DEA, IRS-CI, ATF, DOT, EPA, and several other agencies in the US Federal Government regularly benefit from this discount.

Multilingual Arrest Commands designed for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

Check out ATP’s Multilingual Arrest Commands designed for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO). The LEO Arrest Commands https://atptranslations.com/resources/leo-arrest-commands were created for use as online audio scripts coupled with playback for practicing and demonstration. This project assists LEOs with the typical arrest scenarios involving Limited English Proficient (LEP) perpetrators. There are a few basic features. Firstly, the text is translated into the target language to show an LEP perpetrator. Secondly, the phonetics of the Arrest Command phrases for helping an officer to read it aloud. Thirdly, a quick playback of a typical Arrest Command in the target languages. And finally, a training style playback of a typical Arrest Commands in the target languages with time for the listener to repeat and practice.

Click here to download ATP’s Government Language Services Brochure.

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