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Language resources are what we mainly provide. The Language Locator and LEO Arrest Commands are just a couple of special language resources tools we’ve developed to help our clients succeed in today’s fast-paced and multi-lingual societies.

Most recently, we launched C-L-A-R-A > Communication of Languages Assisted by Remote Access. C-L-A-R-A is ATP’s point to point secure, HIPAA compliant multi-lingual video & telephone service.

Next, explore our Language Locator to learn facts about spoken and written languages. Mainly, you will learn what the capital is for every country; see the population, and the area in kilometers squared. You will also get to see each county’s glorious flag.

Police in hi-visibility jackets policing crowd control at a UK event

And don’t forget to check out ATP’s Multilingual Arrest Commands designed for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO). The LEO Arrest Commands were created for use as online audio scripts for playback and for practicing. This is another language resource project developed with the intent of assisting LEOs with the typical arrest scenarios involving Limited English Proficient (LEP) perpetrators. There are a few basic features. First of all, the text translated into the target language to show an LEP perpetrator; Secondly, the phonetics of the Arrest Command phrases for reading aloud; And finally,  a quick playback of a typical Arrest Command in the target language; and 4) a training style playback of a typical Arrest Command in the target language with time for the listener to repeat and practice.

Please send us your feedback about our language resources and any other input.  We certainly hope these language resources prove to be beneficial. And we, always welcome your ideas for other language resources. In the meantime, we still have a few other projects that are in the works. So, keep an eye out for new developments.

If you need any language resources or immediate assistance of an interpreter or a translator in any language, call us toll-free at 888.443.2376 or send us an email:

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