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Operating with transparency

ATP believes that publishing corporate policies is critical to its business objectives, reputation, and maintaining client satisfaction. As part of our commitment, we have adopted the following policy statements:

Confidentiality, Impartiality, Cancellation, Payment, Rush Jobs and Privacy.


Both Interpreters and Translators for ATP have on file several agreements. Foremost, is a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This contract states that all information attained in the course of their professional duties will remain strictly confidential. With this in mind, Linguists will not communicate, publish, or in any way divulge to any organization, or person, other than ATP staff who have a need to know and the organization or person(s) engaging the services of the ATP Interpreter or Translator.


contractual obligationsEvery ATP Interpreter and Translator is required to abide by the Code of Ethics, which outlines the procedures, requirements and moral code of conduct while they are performing their duties. Furthermore, for governmental and legal requirements, some of ATP’s Interpreters and Translators must pass a complete background investigation.

Furthermore, they limit themselves specifically to interpreting and translating. While performing their professional duties, they will not give advice, express personal opinions, or engage in any other activity that may be construed to constitute a service other than interpreting or translating.

They must render, to the best of their ability, a complete and accurate interpretation or translation without altering or omitting anything that is written or stated, and do not add to what is written said, nor provide an unsolicited explanation.

ATP Interpreters and Translators are impartial, unbiased and refrain from conduct that may give an appearance of bias. They do not allow personal opinions to interfere with duties. Additionally, they won’t make recommendations except to assist with communications.

Lastly, they will disclose any real or perceived conflict of interest. And, they will not take personal advantage, financial or otherwise, of information obtained in the course of his/her work.


cancelled interpreterWe understand that things don’t always work out as you planned and sometimes a cancellation of services is necessary. All regional interpreting service cancellations require 24-hour (one-business day, unless stated otherwise) notice prior to the assignment to avoid the minimum charge. Outside of New England, cancellation terms for interpreting assignments vary and will be outlined within your Terms & Conditions Agreement. Translation projects and regional simultaneous conference interpreting assignments can be cancelled, provided that a proportional fee is paid for work we have already performed, all as detailed in the Terms & Conditions Agreement.


ATP is a professional language services firm. And, our work incurs a fee-for-service, based on the volume of words/hours/days we translate and/or work. We forecast fees based on the anticipated scope of work, with adjustments as necessary based on actual words/hours/days worked. If we find, for example, that we are working fewer hours than anticipated in our estimate, we will charge you commensurately less. On the other hand, if we find that our activities will require work over and above our original estimate, we will ask your permission before proceeding. In this way, we can ensure that an appropriate financial discipline is applicable to your business.

ATP accepts payment in U. S. currency only, via wire transfer, EFT, corporate check, or credit card. We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Also, we accept Government Purchasing IMPAC Cards. For wire transfer instructions, please email us .

We also maintain registration with the Defense Logistics Agency and the Central Contractors Registration (CCR) to receive payment from government contractors.

Rush Services

ATP can respond to the need for assistance with urgent matters. Consequently, we offer Rush Services, Last Minute Requests and 24-Hour Emergency Support. Typically, these services are available at additional percentages above standard rates, depending on the specific circumstances and what service you need. We will do our best to accommodate your unique situation.


ATP’s Privacy Policy is available here.

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