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Take a moment to review our Translation Process and learn how to Work With Us. Discover What Service Do I Need? Get A Quote for free today! Find out more about our Policies. See our rules about Privacy and what due diligence we take to protect you.

We have prepared an easy way to help you decide What Service Do I Need? This easy to follow matrix will get you to the answers you need to know so you get exactly what you want. Determine if you need a translator, interpreter, or another type of language consultant.

In order to provide accurate figures and Get A Quote, we typically have a few questions regarding your requirements. If you could take a moment to call toll free in the US @ 1.888.443.2376 , outside of the USA @ 1.508.823.8892 or email us , we will be able to respond to your request quickly. Our quotes are free and typically provided within a day of our request.

Translation Process

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American Translation Partners developed its own unique team Translation Process that works with a team of two (2) linguists (one Draft = Role 1 and one Review linguist = Role 2) per language performing two translation steps each along with a Project Manager to oversee each step of the process.  Ask your Project Manager what your project needs based on the requirements and deliverable scope of work.

Policies are important to establish guidelines and expectations. Our Policies include Confidentiality, Impartiality, Cancellation, Payment, Rush Jobs, and Privacy. Ask your Project Manager or Language Coordinator for details.

Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you. To get your free quote – give us a call now at 888.443.2376 and tell us about your requirements, Get A Quote online – submit a request for language services, or send us an email to: .

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