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Document Translation

Anywhere in the world, in any language

Our network of translators offers reliable and accurate translations. A single goal guides every translation project: to preserve the tone and message of the source material. Following client specifications, American Translation Partners ensures that the final product will address the target audience’s language (or dialect) and reading level (targeted register).

Text Translation

document translation

Unlike interpreters, who relay information instantaneously, text translators usually work remotely. They start with an existing document or prepared transcript and translate it into a target language. American Translation Partners tailors the format of the final product – whether electronic or hard copy – to clients’ specific needs and requests. All of our translators uphold strict codes of confidentiality.

Our translators combine your background information – including glossary and style guide – with their own cultural knowledge, research capabilities and writing skills to produce the highest quality translations.

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Glossary Development

Opciones de traducion / Options of translation

A glossary contains definitions of words and acronyms that are specific to a given industry or company. A translator needs this information to produce accurate, reliable and consistent translations. That’s why American Translation Partners asks for a glossary at the beginning of every project. If you don’t have one, we can help you build one. It’s an invaluable resource, and it continues to grow as our team members learn more about your business. Once a project is complete, we provide you with the expanded glossary, and we keep it on file to help in future projects for your organization.

Style Guide Development

style guide development

Effective translations reflect not just your words, but also your style and document format. Working from your style guide, American Translation Partners produces documents that preserve your character sizing and placement, page-numbering conventions, copyright and legal notices, among other guidelines. If you do not have a formalized style guide, of course we will help you develop one.

Reviewglossaries and lexicons

Quality translations require proofreaders. Every document we translate undergoes close scrutiny – not once, but three times. We begin the review process with native tongue translators, then pass the documents along to editors and proofreaders. We offer this review as the last step in our internal translation process, or as a stand-alone service for already translated documents.

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